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In 2012, the restaurant fulfilled one of its greatest dreams: to make its own wine, which was a huge challenge given that it was our first attempt in this fascinating world.
Searching for something close at hand, the Terra Alta was chosen for producing Les Moles wine; starting with such an exceptional commodity, we then created wines with our own vision of what would best accompany our cuisine.

A young, white Garnacha and Macabeo (the award-winning white Garnacha from the Terra Alta is well-known all over the world). An explosion of ripe white fruity notes with nerve and satisfying acidity.

A Young red wine with Garnacha Peluda, Cariñena and touches of Syrah and Merlot, with lots of red fruits and the full body of a young rounded yet elegant wine.

Once again we wanted to combine the flavours and aromas of vineyards with a strong tradition for obtaining a very young and fresh end result.

A third wine, Les Moles Crianza, black Garnacha and Syrah, with twelve months ageing in 5,000l casks, lots of personality, a strong character with a long aftertaste; ripe black fruit with touches of spice and balsamic tones, a balanced and complex wine.

Carmen Sauch, owner, maïter and sommelier, transmits this sentiment for our wine and our region:

“A vine is like a loved son or daughter…
The land where it grows is crucial,
But the hand that cares for it will make it unique.
This wine is like our children,
A smaller reflection of who we are.”
Carmen Sauch.

Finally in 2016 we created the most personal wine to Carmen which bears her name: Carmen’S, , a play on words including Carmen Sauch’s name and the English translation of ‘el vino de Carmen’ (Carmen’s wine); a wine with Macabeo from old fermented vines and aged for 8 months in new French oak barrels. A different concept for a very gastronomic wine which adapts to a cuisine as exacting as that of Les Moles. Carmen describes her wine like this:

My wine is lively, upbeat and with a fighting spirit against boredom.
With each sip there is a different sensation, with each minute a transformation, changing an innocent fragility for a sensual, voluptuousness.
It is elegant and therefore dressed for a great party.
This Macabeo from old vines has been aged for eight months in a loving wooden barrel, just like a protective mother who has given it strength for the long journey ahead.
Carmen’S is the fruit of a dream… it is the memory of my villaje surrounded by vineyards of Macabeo…
This is the mise-en-scene of the film of our lives marked by non-conformity… and at heart we are rebels but we didn’t realize.

Carmen Sauch.

“Macabeo takes us back to the Ulldecona surrounded by vineyards of 50 years ago; one which we hardly remember any more…Nostalgia in its purest state.”

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