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Pumpkin soup with grilled king prawns, poached egg, oil and salt from Iberian ham (2005)
“Ajo blanco”, “salazones” (anchovies, tuna, etc.) and smoked fish (2018)   21,50
Cuttlefish cannelloni filled with wild mushrooms and king prawns, with king prawn vinaigrette (2001)   23,90
The Ebro Delta (a dish of steamed shellfish and "Ostras al Sol", with all the flavour of the Delta sea) ( 2009)   26,00
Seafood salad: cured fish, seaweed & caviar (2020)   28,00
Salad of prawns from Tarragona with an assortment of vegetables and tomatoes. Vinaigrette made with PRIORDEI oil   (2014)   33,00

From the sea

Eel“Allipebre”  with garlic and pepper, cooked at a low temperature (2007)   24,00
Skate cooked at a low temperature with “suquet” seafood sauce and potato gnocchi (2013)   24,50
Cheek of red Balfegó tuna, cauliflower & butter  (2020)     25,00
Red tuna from l’Ametlla de Mar on the grill, cured egg yolk,  pureed potato and butter (2018)    26,00
Candied cod with plankton “pil pil” (2017)    27,50
Charcoal grilled red scorpion fish with Piparra chillies (2020)   33,50

The rice

Creamy rice with shrimps, artichokes and ”espardenyes“ (sea cucmbers) (2008)   22,50

Our meat

Crunchy cannelloni with oxtail with sweet potato puree (2007)   21,50
Foie & sweet potato   22,50


Charcoal grilled fillet of suckling lamb with sweetbread fritters (2020)


Home made bread, waiter service, aperitifs and petit fours   6,80

Gourmet Tasting Menu SEDIMENTS

The latest creations from Les Moles, with the most avant-garde techniques. Surprising and very amusing.   95,00
You are served 7 harmonious drinks.   39,00

Gourmet Tasting Menu VEGETARIAN

A special alternative to enjoy Les Moles cuisine. Fit for everyone.                                              110,00  

Tasting menu "The journey menu"

A journey through our past with some of the most symbolic dishes.   110,00
You are served 9 harmonious drinks.   42,00
* These menus are always served to all diners at the table    
** For any allergy or food intolerance consult our staff    

Tradition menu

Three appetizers, a starter, a fish, a rice, a meat and a dessert, chosen weekly by the restaurant.

Served for all table guests. Bread included.

From Tuesday to Friday noon
Friday and Saturday night
* This is served at all sittings except on Saturday and Sundays noon and public holidays     


Macaroni Bolognese - Orange honey of Ramon Ortiz and strawberry (2012)   9,90
It looks like carob bean, but it’s banana... (2016)   9,90
Almond and chocolate ice-cream with “Creo” chocolate made in Tortosa (2013)   9,90
Dessert of Oil, vinegar, salt & pepper (2017)   9,90
The garden: roses, violets, jasmine, hibiscus and thyme (2018)   9,90
Cuban style rice (2020)   9,90
Sweet version of our vegetable garden: beets, celery, fennel, carrots, green beans and saffron (2020)   9,90
Green lemon (2020)





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