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The history of Les Moles began with a few youngsters who decided to become part of a professional world which wasn’t theirs and without knowing exactly why… With the passing of time they acquired a true passion for gastronomy.

From then on two people dedicated this lives to this joint Project, which was now no longer just a business but a life plan.

In February 2006 Les Moles appeared for the first time on TV3, and since then they have been recognized with various awards. In the 2010 edition of Guia Repsol, Les Moles was awarded with its first SOL. A few years later, in the 2014 edition of the Guía Michelín, it was awarded with a Michelin star. This 2020, Guía Repsol has given to Les Moles its second SOL.

The restaurant is located in what was the first stone quarry in Ulldecona (extracting stone is the most important industrial activity in the area), and it was here that they made the stones for windmills, which are called “moles” in Spanish, hence the name of our restaurant.

Since always, the history of "Les Moles" has been about making a constant effort to excel in professionalism. Perseverance, hard work and a desire to improve is always a great recipe for achieving anything. And this is without a doubt the great secret which has established Les Moles as one of the leading restaurants in spanish gastronomy.


Jeroni Castell

The relationship between Jeroni, chef at the restaurant, and cooking began late in life and by chance. When Les Moles first opened, Jeroni was in charge of the dining area, but at Easter when it was impossible to find a replacement for the chef who was ill at that time, Jeroni decided he would take on the role temporarily. However, that short experience made him realize that his real vocation in life was actually cooking.

This then initiated Jeroni to combine his work schedule with training for a profession which he felt passionate about, yet which was completely unknown to him.

And this is the reason he went to Amposta, where Mª Cinta Bayerri gave cookery classes for housewives. After poring over various books, taking a monographic course, attending culinary conferences and some short working periods at Can Bosch, Via Veneto and Arzak, he had a good idea of just what modern cuisine was. A combination of all of these factors is what has transformed the classical beginnings of Les Moles into what it is today, a restaurant with creative, playful signature cuisine.


Carmen Sauch

The person in charge of looking after the dining room and cellar at our restaurant is Carmen who is not only passionate about wine but also trained professionally as a Sommelier at the URV. It was she who was chosen to take the helm when Jeroni took charge of the kitchen.

Since Carmen has been head of the the cellar, Les Moles has undergone a major shift in their wine and cava list, introducing more and more with Denomination of Origin so that at present there are almost sixty, with more than three hundred quality national and international wines. The biggest change however, is not just increasing the size of the cellar, but the change in philosophy, Carmen began her search for new wines which would adapt to the cuisine at Les Moles, putting value on aquiring new, unknown, innovative products.

Furthermore, from 2012 with Carmen at the helm, Les Moles embarked on a new project: producing their own wines.

At present Les Moles has four of their own wines, but the one which is closest to Carmen’s heart is the one which bears her name: Carmen’S, a play on words including Carmen Sauch’s name and the English translation of ‘el vino de Carmen’ (Carmen’s wine); a wine with Macabeo from old fermented vines and aged for 8 months in new French oak barrels.

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