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In 1998, Les Moles started making its own bread as an added value to the gastronomic offer of the moment. At the beginning of 2019 we made a radical change, we went from making our bread to having literally a bakery in our kitchen.

We make bread daily using natural procedures that include sourdough and longer fermentations; the result is a more aromatic and flavouring bread that stays fresh longer.


We make sure that proximity and technique are included in the making of our bread. Recently we came up with the "bread cart", a cart inspired by the ancient fermentation cabinets, which represents the natural elaboration of all our breads. We daily provide all kind of those breads to our clients

We currently have different varieties, among which we can find:

- Natural bread without yeast
- Natural bread without yeast
- Black olive bread
- Sobrassada bread (is a raw, cured sausage from the Balearic Islands made with ground pork, paprika and salt and other spice)
- Raisin bread
- Seed bread
- Cibatta bread
- Oil cake

Les Moles makes his own bread

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